photo of the day...

I was doing soo soo good with the Photo of the Day, but somewhere in the middle of February I got caught up with "life" and had to set it aside for a little bit. I do have some pictures to upload and hopefully will get them up this weekend.

I have lots of photo opportunities coming up this month......including.....

- my son's 7th birthday parties (one for friends, one for family)
- my nephew's 9-month photos
- Easter
- my brother & sister-in-law's wedding ceremony (I AM the photographer)

I have been practicing like crazy using my external flash. Its so hard to get good decent pics in the middle of winter with no flash. But I am really looking forward to SPRING and natural light and OUTDOOR photos!!!! I have at least 2 photo sessions waiting to be written in my calendar. woohoo!

1.28 through 2.7 photos of the day :)

photo of the day - 2.07.08
This is my nephew Brett.....look at those adorable chubby fingers!!! He came and visited us one night and it just amazes me how much he has grown the past few months.
photo of the day - 2.06.08
Practicing spelling words on the chalkboard
photo of the day - 2.05.08
i swear, some nights this phone doesnt stop ringing. i love catching up with family & friends!
photo of the day - 2.04.08
I'm gonna hide under this pillow so that you cant see me! Good luck little man!
photo of the day - 2.03.08
My little sweet pea is growing up!!! She came and spent the night with us and she was so fun to have around!!! Trevor was so excited because he got her to say his name - it kind of sounded like "revr". And it wasnt a fluke because she said it later that too @ my moms.
photo of the day - 2.02.08
Isnt she just the cutest baby ever??? My sweet little niece Natalie. She is 9 months old now! Unbelieveable how fast they grow up! 2.01.08 picture.

photo of the day - 1.31.08
I love my Tonic cutter!!!! Every scrapbooker MUST have one!!!

photo of the day - 1.30.08
My sweet little boy all snuggled up in his bed. I love this time of the day - lots of cuddles and small talk. Love ya little guy!
photo of the day - 1.29.08
Chocolate. Yum. I was playing with the camera settings on this the DOF and the reflection too!
photo of the day - 1.28.08
My "comfort" food. Grilled cheese sandwich with strawberry jelly on top. YUUUMY!

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a week of photos.

I am just loving this Photo of the Day challenge - it makes me look at my life differently. Focus more on the little details in life. I dont have time to update my blog daily, so here is a whole week's worth of photos.

Photo of the Day: 1.27.08
Trevor napping after a long weekend at Grandma & Grandpas. Dont you just love his well-loved puppy? And he took his arm out of his shirt because he was 'hot'.
Photo of the Day: 1.26.08
Packed for the scrapbooking crop!!! 12 hours of creativeness! woohoo!

Photo of the Day: 1.25.08
We rented some movies for Family Movie night and some to watch throughout the week. Meet the Robinsons was the best of all!!! Too hilarious!!!!

Photo of the Day: 1.24.08
Lizard with big eyes and red lipstick? Must be a girl lizard. hehe. Trevor made this in art class.
Photo of the Day: 1.23.08
This picture hangs in my scrap area.
Photo of the Day: 1.22.08
1st grade math homework. Learning how to measure.

Photo of the Day: 1.21.08
Trevor's CCD book - Faith First. I love to see him get all excited about religion. Its starting to make some sense to him and he asks all sorts of questions. Love it!

Photo of the Day: 1.20.08 of the things we did during the frigid cold temps we have been having.

Photo of the Day: 1.19.08
Trevor loves to paint. Think I could sell this on Ebay? lol

my favorite gift ever

This potholder has been hanging over my kitchen stove since 2001. When Trevor was only a few months old, they made this at his daycare. It was my 1st Mother's Day gift from him and one that I will treasure forever. I love to compare his handprint, now his hand covers the entire potholder :::cry:::

-Photo of the day: 1/18/08-

must have marshmallows!

When the temperature drops below zero, hot cocoa is a must!
....with mini marshmallows of course!

-Photo of the day: 1/17/08-

family game night.

Wed night.....Family Game Night. This week - Clue Jr. I won.....again. :)

-Photo of the day: 1/16/08-

Stickles Freak!

Stickles. They are awesome. And seriously, never thought I would use them since I mostly do "boyish" layouts. But now, everything I do must have a little Stickles on them, or else its not finished! Every scrapbooker must have them. In every color. They are so pretty!!!!

-Photo of the day: 1/15/08-

GO Packers!!!!!

I have had this picture for many years and now it hangs over Trevor's bed.
Go Pack!!!! Onto the Superbowl!!! woohoo!

-Photo of the day: 1/14/08-


We made some chocolate chip muffins - they sure tasted yummy for breakfast this week!

-Photo of the day: 1/13/08-

a gift from above.

It was important to my Grandpa that his things get passed onto those he loved.
My Grandpa has been gone for a few years now. This year my Grandma gave the little boys some John Deere banks that were Grandpas. Its something that Trevor will cherish forever.

-Photo of the day: 1/12/08-

favorite quote.

A new sign that hangs on my living room wall.
My favorite quote!!!

-Photo of the day: 1/11/08-


Hope - Such a strong word.

And yes, my Christmas tree is still up. lol

-Photo of the day: 1/10/08-